About Micah

My interest in design

was born during my youth in a city lovingly known as “The Heart of the Inland Empire.” That moniker is the result, as I was taught in fifth grade, of not only the city’s centrality to the region, but also it’s geographic shape. My home town is a sort of blocky, shape-shifting, ever-incorporating valentine made mostly of sage, concrete, and ponderosa pine. That’s right: Spokane, Washington is where it all happened. It was there that I began to play with computers as well. From using Print Shop on my Parents’ Apple IIe, to my first digital drawings with Aldus Freehand on their Mac several years later, It was the beginning of something great. I owe a lot of my current computer skills to the availability of those tools, so thanks Mom and Dad for the chance.

These days,

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Sept. 2002-June 04
The Evergreen State College
Bachelor of Arts Degree, June 2004 Academic Focus: Art, Graphic Design & Animation


Feb. 2007-July 2007
Project Manager » Focus Design Studios
Oversaw and expedited the design process
Designed and coded websites
Search Engine Optimization

March 2005-Jan. 2007
Mobile Game Artist » Real Networks
Designed and produced graphics for video-games on mobile devices
Created games with sensibilities toward scalability and device limitations
Created new games and translated PC titles to the mobile platform

July 2004-March 2005
Flash Artist » Real Networks
Designed web ads and layout graphics for GameHouse.com
Contributed to the site redesign and transition to a table-free layout
Produced Flash ads on the GameHouse home page
Created preload Flash animation currently featured on GameHouse.com