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Good alternatives to YouTube?

POSTED August 3rd, 2009 by James in Social Media | No Comments »

UK designer Karl Bata has taken the time to create a page that showcases the latest and greatest of what the web has to offer, streaming video.  The web site, which is located here ( takes a look at the different options you have when it comes to uploading a video to the web.

There are many pros and cons to each streaming site.  They include video lengths, resolution, distribution, copyright information, thumbnails, HD embedding, revenue sharing and many more things. From a developer standpoint, there are also other factors to look into when choosing an online video streaming service.  Will your embedded video be W3C compatible?  Does the embedded layout also look good?  Many of these questions are answerered in the guide.

Joel Williams of Blog Tech guy has also taken the time to create a quick cheat-sheet when it comes to selecting an online video sharing service.  You can check out his guide here.

As the trend of online video streaming continues to grow, more services will continue to push the bounds of this technology as we move more into digital distribution.  If you are a professional in this medium, it is always nice to take the time to find which service will work best for you.  I myself, personally, would stick to using Vimeo or YouTube.  I find them both to be user-friendly, and provide a wide audience of viewers to check out your work.

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