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Run Rhapsody On Your Mac With Fluid

POSTED May 12th, 2008 by Micah in Mac OS | 9 Comments »

Rhapsody and Mac haven’t always played nice. In fact, I think Real Networks doesn’t care much about Mac as a platform at all. Sure, these days Intel Mac owners can run Rhapsody natively with Parallels or Boot Camp, with all the bells and whistles. (downloads, offline listening, Rhapsody To Go, etc.) But I’ve been happy to just run it in my browser on my MacBook. Sometimes though, web apps can crash your browser unexpectedly, so that’s not ideal.

Just yesterday, I found a solution:

Fluid, A Mac Application

Fluid is a free Mac Application that you can use to build site specific web browser “applications.” I used it to create my own I enjoyed it so much, I had to make my own icon for it too, which I’ll share here too. Here’s a screenshot of my Fluid built app:

**Edit: Now with Browsa! More on that in the comments.

Rhapsody on a Mac

And my icon in the dock:

Rhapsody Icon in the Dock.

If this appeals to you, give it a try:

  1. Download My Icon or make your own, if you feel like it. Gotta have one, or else you’re stuck with the favicon from
  2. Go Get Fluid, it’s great for your other favorite web apps too.
  3. Make your app and start listening. If you’re not already a Rhapsody web user, you’ll need to install a plugin, and if you’ve never used Rhapsody before you’ll need to create an account.

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