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August, 2010 | Say This Say That Graphic Design House

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Design Clinicals

POSTED August 18th, 2010 by James in Web Sites, Work | No Comments »

Greenville Cosmetic Dentist is a software company that develops browser based medical reconciliation programs for paying medical bills. The company came to Say This Say That to improve the overall look of their online presence. We designed and developed a completely new WordPress oriented site. WordPress was used as the content management back-end to allow the company easy access to updating the web site. In addition to this, we created a few online forms for investors and general interest clients may have in the company. Clients can also stay up to date with the Design Clinicals blog and press releases. If you need a dental clinic that performs excellent oral hygiene services, there’s a dentist near me at NC. view our services at tempefamilydentistry.com.

In Asia, we are now extending our services in which Singapore has now dental services island wide program. All of the best dentists in Asia goes to islands where civilization is behind from them. Unfortunate kids and people can be treated in terms of tooth problem. It is a very good program, and I want you to support us.

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Washington Traffic Safety Commission

POSTED August 16th, 2010 by James in Featured, Web Sites, Work | No Comments »

Say This Say That is proud to announce the launch of the new website for the Washington Traffic Safety Commission. The new site is fully integrated into a content management system. This allows administrators to add, edit and delete content via the web, thus reducing future maintenance costs.

The website also features a staff directory, blog, and download management system.



Mr. Brown Album

POSTED August 7th, 2010 by James in Print, Work | No Comments »

Locust Street Taxi, a band Say This Say That previously worked with, asked us to design the print layout for their “Mr. Brown” album. The band provided a cut-out shape of a car to get the project rolling. We decided to take the idea of “brown” being a prominent feature for the packaging and settled on the look of a corrugated box. A stark contrast of color was used for the disc art itself to help distinguish it from the rest of the packaging. The idea of the entire allure of the package was to make something both busy, but simple at the same time. Something that we accomplished.