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There Is No Page Fold

POSTED February 2nd, 2010 by Micah in Blog, Web Design, Web Development | 1 Comment »


Micah M. aka Type Micah over at A Collective has relaunched Meme Engine as a t-shirt shop. As a web designer, There Is No Page Fold caught my eye. His apt description of this meme:

In the web design world, the “fold” is a term clients often use when referring to the bottom of their browser window. It stems from printed media; many newspapers are folded before they are stacked, thereby making everything “above the fold” desirable in terms of placement. Online, however, it just doesn’t work that way. Unfortunately, many people are slow to realize this and so, a meme was born.

Embrace the scroll!



Tacoma | Valley Radiation Oncology Centers

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We’re proud to announce our redesign for Tacoma/Valley Radiation Oncology Centers’ website is now live! The new site reflects the quality care they provide and the loving atmosphere of their facilities.