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Olympia Film Festival 2009

POSTED September 29th, 2009 by Micah in Web Sites, Work | No Comments »

We teamed up with the Olympia Film Society on another project, this time a website for the 26th annual Olympia Film Festival. Sarah Utter created an amazing poster for the festival this year, so we were able to use her awesome letterpressed type for the site’s masthead. Using WordPress as our CMS, we created a custom post format to catalog movies, so each movie has its own page, and an entry on the Movies page. Thanks also go out to Shade Rupe, this year’s Festival Programming Director, for his help populating all the content. The lineup is amazing this year, so come down and check out some movies.



Remove Firefox’s Active Link Focus Outline

POSTED September 16th, 2009 by Micah in General | 2 Comments »

Firefox adds a dotted outline to any link that gets clicked, and it remains there until the new content loads. In most cases it doesn’t really matter, but for designers it has always been a bit of a nuisance. It is even more of a problem if you’re using JavaScript triggered by a traditional link to make something happen on the page. In that case the outline will just hang out until another link gets clicked, and so on.

It’s easy enough to remove altogether with a bit of CSS that I found on a blog called Keep the Web Weird, and I’ll be adding this to my browser reset CSS files from now on:

[sourcecode language=css]
*:focus {
outline: none;

I had never heard of the “outline” property so I ran it through the validator and sure enough it’s valid CSS!