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Embedding high resolution YouTube videos

POSTED August 25th, 2008 by James in Web Design | 1 Comment »

A lot of people realize that YouTube now features the option to watch certain videos in high resolution, but what a lot of people don’t know if that you can modify the embed code used for YouTube movies so that they will play back in high resolution as well. For instance, take this embed code for example:

If you add the following code to the value url and embed src, it will display the video in high resolution…
Once added, the code looks something like this…
Heres an example of it in action on one of my animations…

This is a very nifty find for people who post a lot of video blogs, podcasts, and such.

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Say This, Say That launched Olympia Film Society web site

POSTED August 3rd, 2008 by James in Web Design | No Comments »

I’m pleased to announce the opening of the brand new web site for the Olympia Film Society.  The site was designed with the needs of the society in mind.  They requested an easy way to create and manage news/films/events.  We hooked them up with a fully custom WordPress integrated web site and event calendar to display upcoming events/showtimes.

The design of the site is easy on the eyes and is fairly simple to navigate.  It also offers a lot more functions for society members.

Feel free to check out the web site here…

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